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(Annie's Resume)

Saturday, 23rd March 2024 @ 12.15 for 12.45 p.m.

Grace will be said at 13.00 p.m. 

The Bat & Ball Inn, Broadhalfpenny Down, PO8 0UB


Order of the Day


3-course meal with coffee £29.95


Time of Arrival
12:15–12:50 p.m.
Guests will be asked to enter the dining room

at 12:50 p.m. Grace will be said at 1:00 p.m.

We ask our guests to be prompt.
Our day will end noo later than 4:00 p.m.


Late Arrivals
Please call the Secretary on 07726 330339

should you anticipate a late arrival so

the kitchen can be informed.

Bat & Ball_edited.jpg

Booking Procedure



Due to seating capacity in the restaurant, members booking with a guest will have their guest's request confirmed on February 9th. Members (and guests) booking after this date will be confirmed on the day.

Email bookings to

Please supply (i) the names of people in your party and,

(ii) special dietary needs, if required.


Call or text bookings to 07726 330339

Leaving a message: Please state clearly the information

above. Your call will be returned. Please DO NOT make your booking with the Bat & Ball Inn; it will not be accepted.

New Guests Welcome

Please contact the secretary on 07726 330339

Cancellation Charges
The Bat & Ball management will charge the Club the full cost of the lunch if cancellations 
are made less than 36 hours before the luncheon date. All cancellations should be notified to the Secretary immediately. Please do not contact the Bat & Ball. A no-show on the day will also incur the full cost of the lunch. In both instances, payment is due to the Hambledon Club and should be forwarded to the Treasurer a.s.a.p. after the event, either by cheque or bank transfer.


Speakers at our Luncheons


Matt Teale, Huw Turbervill, Mark Curtin,

Richard Clarke, Dave Allen (with quiz),

Jonathan Agnew, Dennis Amis MBE,

Lord MacLaurin OBE, Isabelle Duncan,

Vic Marks, John Barclay,

Alan Rayment & Dave Allen,

Jo Rice, Stephen Chalke (returned),

Tom Rodwell, Mike Griffith,

Andrew Renshaw, David Frith, 

Robin Brodhurst, MJK Smith OBE,

Murray Hedgcock, Bob Barber,

Roger Knight OBE, Peter Walker,

John Stern, Roger Packham,

Stephen Green, Nick Bailey,

Rod Bransgrove, Keith & Jennifer Booth,

Stephen Saunders, Jocelyn Galsworthy,

Dave Allen, David Rayvern Allen,

Douglas Miller, Lord Alexander,

Alastair McLennan, Peter Baxter,

Roy Clark, Stephen Chalke,

Christopher Martin-Jenkins.

William (Silver Billy) Beldham_edited_ed

Posthumous Members

Harry Altham, John Arlott,
F. S. Ashley-Cooper (opposite),
James Aylward (1724–1827),
Lord Frederick Beauclerk

'Silver Billy' Beldham (above)
Tom Brett, Desmond Eagar,

C. B. Fry, David Harris,

Arthur Haygarth, Gilbert Jessop,

Colin Ingleby-Mackenzie,

Brian Johnston, E. V. Lucas,

John Nyren, Cecil Paris,

Rev J Pycroft, John Small Jnr,

John Small Snr, E. M. Sprot,

'Lumpy' Stevens, Tom Sueter,

Wilf Wadham, W. R. Wright,

Edward Whalley-Tooker,

Colin Barrett, J. M. Barrie,

Lord Alexander of Weedon QC

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