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Hampshire Record Office @ Winchester




Hambledon Cricket Club was formed around 1750, and has been described as ‘the birthplace of cricket’. By 1771 the club had become very successful and played a number of matches against All England and County sides, and attracted thousands of spectators to some of its matches. The original club broke up in 1796, but records indicate that a Hambledon Cricket Club was again in existence by 1808, and cricket was played regularly at Hambledon from the early 1860s.


The records in this collection date from 1857-1993. They reflect the growth of the club in the twentieth century when a number of commemorative and bi-centenary matches were held and better facilities were provided, such as a new pavilion.


For earlier records of the club, see 4M85/1-2 (minute book, 1772-1796, account and subscription book, 1791-1796) and 76M92/1 (account book, 1808-1825).




Minute book

Jul 1878-Nov 1882

Includes: minutes of general meetings, committee meetings and meetings held to pass bye-laws and to elect a committee; lists of members and subscriptions paid, 1878-1881 and list of honorary members and amount subscribed 1878; balance sheets, 1878-1881



Minute book

Apr 1894-Sep 1907

Includes minutes of general meetings, committee meetings and ground committee meetings. The minutes for 1894 are on a loose sheet



Minute book

Oct 1907-May 1940

Includes minutes of general meetings and committee meetings and of the memorial committee, Oct 1907-Oct 1908. Loose at the front of the volume are lists of bowling and batting averages of the Hambledon players for the 1912 season



Minute book

May 1940-Jul 1951

Includes minutes of general meetings and committee meetings



Minute book

Jul 1951-Feb 1961

Includes minutes of general meetings and committee meeting


Minute book

Mar 1961-Oct 1978

Includes minutes of general meetings and committee meetings


Minute book


Also includes reports and accounts relating to some matches




Subscription and account book


Includes:  list of members and when their subscriptions were paid, 1857-1859; resolutions of meetings of Hambledon Cricket Club, 21 Apr 1857, 29 Mar 1858, 29 Apr 1859; [at the rear of the volume], accounts, 1857-1859, 1863-1865.

Inclosed loose in the volume: score sheets for match 2 Jul, Hambledon v Horndean and neighbourhood; Hambledon v Petersfield, 1858; Hambledon v Winchester Garrison, 1859; newspaper cutting, from the Hampshire Chronicle, 'History of Cricket' (5 items)



Account book


Includes accounts of the Broadhalfpenny memorial fund, c1907-1908




Bill, including payments for players and umpires nd c19th century



Vouchers and receipts of Hambledon Cricket Club 1882.

Includes receipt of James Molesley for providing waggonettes to away matches

5 items



List of receipts and payments nd c19th century



Bundle of balance sheets of Hambledon Cricket Club:

1910, 1912, 1920, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1959-60

11 items



Score book


The following is written on the front page ’This book was

kept by Sidney Lunn, who was secretary of the club during the whole of the time. It is believed that there had been no regular Cricket Club in the parish before this for very many years, JDB. The matches were all whole day, the present (1920) cricket ground was made about 1855’.



Score book 1884



Score book 1891



Score book 1900-1901



Score book 1905-1906



Score book 1907-1908

Loose inside is a Field Service postcard from A Bull to Mrs Turner of Hambledon, 23 Oct 1914



Score book 1908-1909



Score book 1924-1925

Includes some loose score sheets for 1964



Score book 1931-1932



Score book 1933-1934



Score book 1934-1936


Lists of batting and bowling averages for members of Hambledon Cricket Club:

For years 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1911, 1914, 1923, 1924, 1931 (some years also include numbers of catches players took)

10 items



Fixture cards:

For years 1911, 1919, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1930, 1931, 1934, 1946, 1947, 1960, 1993. The cards include lists of officers of the club as well as the fixtures. The 1993 card is a more detailed brochure

12 items



Printed rules of the Hambledon Cricket Club: nd c1900


45A01/6  Records of special/anniversary matches



Copy of scorecard from match played between Hambledon Cricket Club and All England 18 Jun 1777



Bundle of newspaper cuttings (c1929-1970s), the majority relating to matches played between Hambledon Cricket Club and Caterham. Caterham played Hambledon in 1767 and 1769, and they played various anniversary matches in the 1950s and 1960s.

Includes cutting and a photo of players in 18th century dress at a match against Caterham, 1953 and a newspaper cutting of an invalids match played at Hambledon in 1929.

(15 items)



Papers relating to a match played 1 August 1931 between Hambledon and HMS Nelson.

The match was played in aid to raise funds. It was a pagent match and the players wore dress from the 18th century. Includes, a printed letter advertising the match; correspondence with W Clarkson, costumier about problems with costumes supplied and a statement of account.



Receipts and correspondence relating to the match between Hambledon and HMS Nelson (see above 45A01/6/3).

Includes correspondence with Custom House about tax payable on the profits of the match; receipts and bills for match expenses; newspaper cutting about the match, including pictures, 1 Aug 1931.



Programme card for match played 7 Aug 1946, between the Regency Cricket Club [from Brighton] and Hambledon Cricket Club


Correspondence and papers relating to the Hambledon Cricket Memorial.

Includes: correspondence with Cancellor and Hill, architects, including a letter from BD Cancellor, with a sketch of the memorial; printed subscription list, May 1908; balance sheet for work done and supplied, 1908; receipts for goods purchased, including one from Vokes and Beck for the stone, 1908; plan, on tracing paper of the proposed memorial, 1901 (NFFP)



Correspondence from the hon secretary of Hambledon Cricket Club to the manager of Crowley and Co Ltd.

The letters are about pictures which hang in the New Inn, Hambledon, which belong to the club, and were mistakenly included in a valuation of the Inn. Jun-Jul 1946



Letter from RP Nyren to Admiral Watson 10 May 1951.

Nyren claims he hopes to come to the arranged match, (see 45A01/6/6-7), and tells Watson what the old Hambledon costumes looked like



Bundle of papers and correspondence (c1955-1984)

Includes: letter from bursar of Winchester College about problems with people playing football on the Broadhalfpenny Down Cricket Pitch; architects' plans of the proposed extension and improvements to the cricket pavilion, Feb 1978; correspondence, 1984 about proposed alterations and extensions to the pavilion; correspondence about plans to build a pavilion; correspondence from members enclosing subs and extra money for help with the pavilion extension, 1984; copy of income and expenditure account, 1984; club newsletter, Jan 1984; architects plan of the proposed pavilion, 1968; copy of song and music 'The Cricketers of Hambledon'; correspondence relating to the proposed water supply to the pavilion, 1966; copy of entry for the cricket ground under The Commons Registration Act, 1965


Correspondence between Hambledon Cricket Club and Winchester College (c1964-1968).

This relates to the possibility of the club returning to play at the Broadhalfpenny Down ground. The College explains it is unlikely because of legal reasons and because it is currently used by the HMS Mercury Team


Correspondence relating to plans for a proposed new pavilion and water supply to the Hambledon Cricket Club ground 1964-1984.


Article entitled  'The Cradle of Cricket', about a visit to Hambledon, Apr 1930, by George Long, from ‘The Morris Owner.'



Photocopy of article by CJ Britton, about a visit to Hambledon taken from a publication called 'Willow Leaves', the journal of The Cricketana Society

With a copy of a letter about an article from Dr Hunter, hon sec of the society to the vicar of Hambledon, 19 May 1934 and a copy of a postcard of Hambledon taken from the hills overlooking the village



Copy of radio play 'The Hambledon Men', by Michael Meyer, produced by Francis Dillon, transmitted 17 May 1946

Two copies, one with annotations.


Score book 1936-1937


Score book 1937-1938



Score book 1938-1940



Score book 1946-1947



Score book 1957



Score book 1962



Score book 1963



Score book 1965



Score book 1972

Also includes some matches, 1974



Score book 1973

Only includes a few match scores and result analysis for the year. Also includes scores of Hampshire County Cricket Club matches and the 1975 World Cup final



Score book 1973

Also includes some matches, Sep 1974



Score book 1974



Score book 1976-1977

April matches only for 1977

The programme card includes a souvenir copy of a reprint of 'New Articles of the Game of Cricket', laws issued in 1774. Also two tickets for the match-3 items


Notes about the organisation and balance sheet of a Festival Cricket Match played at Broadhalfpenny Down, 16 Jun 1951, Hambledon v Ancient Marriners.

Also includes: notes about the organisation of  and a balance sheet for an Old-Time Match played 21 Jun 1958


Correspondence and papers about a match, The Men of Hambledon v Ancient Mariners, 16 Jun 1951 (as above)

Includes: correspondence about a portable grandstand, and minutes of a meeting of the organisers, 21 May 1951



Correspondence and papers about a 'Grand Coronation Festival Old-Time Match at Cricket',  The Men of Hambledon v The Ancient Firemen, 30 May 1953.

Includes: letters from John Arlott, the Duke of Wellington. Sir Pelham Warner, JB Hobbs; correspondence about the organisation; match programme and poster proof; notes written after the match, detailing the organisation



Correspondence and papers about a 'Grand Bi-Centenary Cricket Match', Hambledon v Dartford, 14 Jul 1957.

Includes: poster and programme card; correspondence relating to the organisation of the match; letter from John Arlott; notes about the organisation of the match; also includes poster and programme card for the bi-centenary match at Hesketh Park, Dartford v Hambledon, 9 Sep 1956



Papers relating to a match, Hampshire County Cricket Club XI v The Men of Hambledon, 14 Jul 1963.

Includes: scorecard; correspondence with Friary Holroyd Brewery about increasing interest in cricket at the Bat and Ball Inn, 1962-1963



Programme for a bi-centenary cricket match, Caterham v Hambledon 25 Jun1967



Programme card, correspondence and information sheet about a match between Hambledon and Caterham, 22 Jun 1969, the bi-centenary of a match played between the two teams 29 Jun 1769



Printed programme, ‘Bicentenary Cricket Match’, Hambledon Cricket Club v England (MCC) on Broadhalfpenny Down 31 Jul 1977


Includes: correspondence with Winchester College about possible future use of Broadhalfpenny Down ground; letters and application form for loan from National Playing Fields Association for a new pavilion, 1967; correspondence about extension to pavilion, 1985



Correspondence between the club and non playing members 1964-1969

The club was trying to raise money for a new pavilion and one of the ways they did this was by trying to attract non playing members for £1.00 subscription. Most of the correspondence is from these members, enclosing their subscription and in some cases additional donations



Correspondence relating to the fund raising for a new pavilion 1966-1969, includes correspondence from members enclosing donations; letters and papers about the decision to opt for a revised cheaper pavilion after sufficient funds could not be raised for the original plans; correspondence about the opening ceremony of the new pavilion, 22 June 1969, including a letter from Colin Cowdrey



Papers and correspondence 1968-1969, includes lists of life members; correspondence about the building of the new pavilion; architects plans,1968 and Droxford RDC Notice of Intended Building Operations



Papers and correspondence (c1965-1972) relating to the application by Hambledon Cricket Club to Hampshire County Council for the registration of the cricket ground at Park Farm under the Commons Registration Act, 1965. Includes a copy of the application and notices of objection.



Correspondence about the future of the Hampshire Screen, a screen made of paper mounted on canvas on a wooden frame, with four panels giving scores from cricket matches c1785-1790. The panels were stored at the MCC Museum and the correspondence relates to their possible future transfer to their owner at Hambledon, 1967-68



Correspondence with the Secretary of the Hambledon Hockey Club, relating to their use of the Hambledon Cricket Club ground and facilities 1985-1987, includes fixture lists and lists of members of the Hockey Club


Copy of 'Sports News' (Magazine of Sportsmans Book Club) Nov 1956, includes an article about the Nyren family



Memorandum from Winchester College (nd c1969) about two areas of land at Hambledon, on which cricket is played, with extracts from Inclosure award of Broadhalfpenny Down, 1857 and award of the amendment, 1861 and copy plans of the land



Newspaper cuttings 1960s-1970s, include cuttings about the match in 1977 between Hambledon and the MCC and cuttings about the death in 1977 of Desmond Eagar, president of Hambledon Cricket Club and a copy photograph of vehicles owned by E and H Edney, contractors of Denmead [1922]

(10 items)




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