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To honour the memory & achievements of the Hambledon Club 1750-1796 

History of

The Hambledon Club

The Hambledon Club was a celebrated cricketing club that emerged in the late 18th century in the village of Hambledon, Hampshire, England. The club played a pivotal role in the development of cricket as a sport and established several of the game's key rules and practices.

Hambledon's cricketing prowess was renowned, and the club enjoyed an enviable record of victories against rival teams. They also produced several prominent players who became national cricketing icons.

The Hambledon Club's legacy continues to influence the game of cricket to this day, and its storied history remains a source of inspiration and admiration for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Photograph: Hambledon v England, Sept 10, 11, 12 1908 on

Broadhalfpenny Down.

The Bat & Ball

The Bat and Ball Inn is the meeting place for The Hambledon Club. Nestled in Hambledon, our exclusive private members' dining club celebrates the passion for cricket. Enjoy our lunches and notable speakers while surrounded by cricket memorabilia that echoes the sport's rich history. Engage in lively conversations with fellow club members, sharing tales of cricketing triumphs and relishing in the camaraderie. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Hambledon's countryside, a perfect backdrop for relaxation. Join us in preserving the heritage of cricket and creating cherished memories at The Bat and Ball Inn, the heart of The Hambledon Club.

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